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Amy Westbrook, Empowering Women’s Financial Journey with Mindset Mastery, Self-Investment, and Neuro-Wealth, Episode 336

Amy Westbrook, Empowering Women’s Financial Journey with Mindset Mastery, Self-Investment, and Neuro-Wealth, Episode 336

Today, I’m thrilled to have my friend Amy Westbrook with us. Amy is a Transformational Wealth Coach and the creator of the Neuro-Wealth Success System™. With a heart-centered approach, Amy combines innovative tools and advanced personal development to help growth-minded women (and their partners) break through barriers and achieve EXTRAordinary success faster, easier, and without the overwhelm. She’s here to show us how to see our full potential with greater clarity, empower our thoughts, and maximize strategies to design an ‘aligned life’—which really means living a joyous, prosperous life without guilt, fear, or regret. 


In This Episode:

  • Explore Amy Westbrook’s unique journey blending life coaching with wealth coaching for a holistic approach to personal and financial development.
  • Uncover the significance of reshaping societal narratives surrounding women and finances.
  • Understand the importance of authenticity and alignment with your personal values in achieving both financial success and inner fulfillment.
  • Explore the concept of Neuro-Wealth and its implications on financial decision-making, emphasizing how subconscious programming shapes your financial behaviors.
  • Discover practical strategies for addressing financial challenges through mindset shifts and self-awareness, empowering you to navigate your financial journey with confidence.
  • Embrace the transformative power of self-investment and prioritize working from a mindset of possibility rather than limitation to achieve your financial goals.


As a certified coach, speaker, and facilitator, Amy Westbrook is dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to success, celebrating their milestones along the way. Through her Money Mojo Formula, Amy helps professionals navigate the realms of making, managing, and investing money while staying true to themselves. With personal experience overcoming financial challenges and managing a net income of over 1.8 million dollars, Amy brings a wealth of real-world knowledge to her coaching practice. Her background in neuroscience adds a unique perspective, allowing her to understand and address the psychological aspects of financial decision-making.


“Money is an inside-out job.” ~Amy Westbrook


To learn more about Amy, you can visit her website, you can also connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Amy Westbrook’s Show Notes

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