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Discovering your life purpose

Discovering your life purpose

As we begin to see early glimpses of spring approaching – warmer days, snow melting and green sprouts peaking from the barren earth – it’s also a wonderful time to take a personal reflection journey and allow your own soul to blossom.  When was the last time you took stock of your passions and considered your life purpose?  When was the last time you considered your current life path against all that you hold dear and value to lay the road for your future?  These past few years have taken so many of us on unexpected journeys.  It’s quite likely that it’s been a while since you spent time pondering your purpose!  Give yourself a gift of self-reflection this Spring!

There are many ways to incorporate more self-reflection in your life.  You might take up journaling each day.  Journaling is an excellent way to tap into some of your deeper insights – what do you value?  What are you passionate about?  Let your thoughts flow and just begin writing.  This is a stream-of-consciousness exercise – let the words flow and don’t worry about spelling or grammar or how the words fit together.  Place your pen onto the page and just the let words come – even if it’s “I’m not sure what to write today.”  The words will eventually come to you and you’ll be amazed how ideas will spring to the surface that you didn’t even know were there.

As the trails start to thaw, hiking is another wonderful way to spend self-reflection time.  Nothing is better than heading out on the trail with a friend to ponder life questions and share your dreams!  Or take up an art class.  Splash some paint around or get your hands in the mud at a pottery class.  Anything that let’s your soul speak and quiets your mind from the buzz of day-to-day life will help you reflect on your life purpose.

One of my favorite ways to self-reflect is to spend time with my horses.  Inspirational thoughts flow when I am in the presence of my horses. You get to the heart of your feelings and desires very quickly.  The horse as a teacher, mirrors our body language and emotions – bringing new insights in new ways.  Syzygy’s Equine Guided Education programs help you learn more about yourself.  This is amazing and powerful work that anyone can participate in.   No prior horse experience is required as all exercises are done on the ground and there is no mounted work. We offer both executive and life coaching programs, as well as group Equine Vision Journey Workshops.  I invite you to explore the power of the horse in self-discovery.  You will realize your strengths, values and passions that define the essence of you, and take time to dream your future.  The Syzygy herd will take this journey with you, helping you trust your inner voice and find the life you’ve always wanted to live.

In addition, Syzygy is offering a series of guided Nature Vision Journeys.  These one-day ‘mini-retreats’ will help you discover your essence and uncover your dreams while hiking in our beautiful foothills.  This day will take you on a five-mile hike with multiple stops throughout the day with guided reflection and self-exploration. The day will include journaling, sharing and exercises of exploration.  Being in-nature is a wonderful way to ponder your life’s purpose!

As author Sarah Ban Breathnach wrote, “Only when the clamor of the outside world is silenced will you be able to hear the deeper vibration. Listen carefully.”  Spring is the perfect time to gift yourself the time to listen carefully to your deep vibrations and uncover what is waiting to unfold inside of you.

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