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Dawn Dreamers

Dawn Dreamers

With the dawning of the New Year, I find myself finishing up the final edits on a deck of Daily Inspiration cards set to launch early 2012.  I’ve been working on this project for the past six months with talented artist, Diana Lancaster.  (  I found her – of all places – on Facebook, and her artwork spoke to me from a deep and inspirational place.

Diana lives on a small farm nestled in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. Like me, she has a deep passion for the beauty of the earth and a spiritual kinship for the animals who share the mountains with her.  From the moment we spoke, we both knew we were to partner together on this special project.  What has unfolded is a series of deep messages paired with beautiful art that speak to the heart, body and soul.

As I awoke this morning, pondering this month’s article topic, I decided to pull one of these “always knowing” cards for my own inspiration.  I drew the card, Dawn Dreamers.

In early morning light through the mist, secrets are shared.  Dawn Dreamers whisper.

There is a message to hear.  New possibilities are on the horizon.  Close your eyes.  Consider the colors you see.  Feel the groundedness that mother earth provides to you.  Today is a day started in peacefulness – let that feeling carry you through the day.

Glimpses of new paths are on the horizon.  This is the birthplace of unfolding opportunities – your seeds of life have been planted.  You only need to nurture these budding dreams.  Take time to live in these possibilities today.  Acknowledge them.  Write them down.  Paint the pictures and envision where these dreams will take you.  Dreams are your gift.

What an appropriate card as we launch into 2012.  For so many of us leverage the dawning of the New Year to declare new goals, envision budding ideas and play in the realm of new possibilities.  I invite you to take a bit of time today to quietly ponder in the message of this card.  Consider all that you’d like to manifest.  Get really clear about the vision.  As this vision finds clarity, write down your aspirations that will engine this vision.  Here are a few tips for writing aspirations!

  • Make your aspirations Bold and Far Reaching.  Shoot for the stars here. No small dreamers allowed – envision all that you want to create and set your judge and any “Yea, but” self-commentary aside.  This is your time to own this vision.  Paint the picture with YOU at the center.  Feel it.  Breathe it.  Live it.  You’ll want to embody what it feels like to be amongst your stars.
  • Build your aspirations from your Heart. They must set your soul on fire with excitement!  You’ll know you’ve nailed it when your heart starts to do summersaults and flips as you play in the possibilities.
  • Select words for your aspirations in an Unconditionally Positive frame-of-mind, grounded with solid glimpses of yeses and success!  The power of the positive will guide you to achieve the impossible.
  • Write your aspirations as if they are already Happening Today!  Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and they will become your reality.
  • Put a Deadline to your aspirations.  This is your chance to put these aspirations into motion.  It’s the opportunity to set up steps to take you there.  The deadline will jumpstart your path.

Take time this week for your own Dawn Dreaming experience.  Play in the dreams, embody the spirit of your dreams.  Then write them down so you can bring your dreams into your horizon in 2012.  If you want a little help getting started, call me for a Complimentary Introductory Coaching Session.  And if you want to be on the mailing list to be the first to get your own deck of Inspiration Cards authored by me and illustrated by Diana Lancaster, drop me an e-mail at!  Happy New Year!  Let’s manifest some dreams together!

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