A Vision of a Glowing Happy Heart

Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to honeymoon in France for three weeks with my new husband and love of my life. My handsome Tim and I had a fabulous time eating France’s foods, tasting her wines and exploring her sights. From the Eiffel Tower, to the Louvre to the quaint medieval villages and rocky shorelines high above the Mediterranean, we uncovered newfound gems every day.

Are you hearing a calling for something more?

What’s next? It’s on the minds of many these days! Kids heading off to college, parents experiencing empty nests for the first time. With the early signs of Fall, we’re reminded that 2013 isn’t far, and we naturally begin to ponder paths into the new year. Where will it take us? It’s often these kinds of thoughts that set new directions… a next life chapter. It’s the brave souls that ask these questions and find the way to move into their desires.

The Art of Balancing Life and Work

I often find myself in conversation with others about creating work:life balance. What does work:life balance mean to you? How do you juggle all that presents itself in the realm of your day-to-day living? Perhaps it is time that we start thinking about work:life balance in a different way. After all, it’s all life! How do you intertwine passions, responsibilities and personal joy? The answer to this is different for every person! And the balance equation changes as life progresses – never remaining static or the same at any time in our lives.

My Journey Back to Me

I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of the new empowering e-book: Spiritual Adventures with Horse – in which I am a contributing author. Below, I share an excerpt from my chapter, that tells how horses guided me in my own personal journey back to myself. I tell the story of special messages delivered from the horses and in signs of nature. Messages that inspired me to blossom into a new world. This is the story of how horses opened my mind and soul and gave my life purpose. The following is an excerpt from my own chapter. To read my whole chapter, I invite you to download this great book today!

Dawn Dreamers

I invite you to take a bit of time today to quietly ponder in the message of this card. Consider all that you’d like to manifest. Get really clear about the vision. As this vision finds clarity, write down your aspirations that will engine this vision. Here are a few tips for writing aspirations!