7 Secrets to Living a Life You Love

What this Former Corporate-Girl-Turned-Entrepreneur Wants You to Know – Entrepreneurs share a burning desire to live in the work that moves them and brings meaning. I admire the courage that took them from their old suited worlds of corporate thought leaders, doctors, lawyers and executives to their newfound place as an entrepreneur. I admire the passion they breathe into their life work and the deep inner knowing that they make a difference in the world.

Sometimes… Fairy Tales Do Come True

Lessons in Life from Diana Nyad
When 64-year-old Diana Nyad made it to a Key West, Florida shore yesterday afternoon after swimming from Cuba 53 hours across the Florida Straits without a shark tank, her fairy tale came true. With her two previously failed attempts, she applied lessons learned and a whole team of wisdom keepers to aid her in yesterday’s successful 2-day, 2-night swim across a waterway known for sharks, jellyfish and crazy weather patterns.

A Zen Journey to Your Heart with Horse!

It’s a peaceful summer morning in the coolness of my barn. The horses are quietly enjoying their morning breakfast. It is here that I find my zen mind – my zen body – the place where all deep awareness is born and lives. There’s a small single baby barn swallow in the rafters awaiting her momma’s return with her baby bird breakfast of worms and seeds. As I sweep the corners of the stall where she was born, she bravely pokes her head above the nestline, driven by her growing courage and curiosity in who I am. I whisper a quiet, “Good morning little one – I’ve been wondering when I would get to meet you.”

Inviting Curiosity and Play into Your Life!

As I awoke early one morning and pulled the shades of my bedroom to say my ritual ‘good morning’ to the Syzygy herd of horses just off my deck door – I caught a glimpse of one of our rare silver foxes scooting under the fence into my paddock and arena. His black and silver coat glistened in the morning light and he caught the attention of my grey Swedish Warmblood mare, Destiny Dancer.

Tuning in when life gets a little messy!

With the new year underway, I hope you find yourself in lightness of heart – with visions of possibilities to unfold. For me, it’s not about New Year resolutions, but more about choosing how I want to show up for each day. In awareness, abundance, peace and joy. It’s not to say that everyday works that way. This week brought its fair share of first trials and tribulations of the year for me.

A Vision of a Glowing Happy Heart

Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to honeymoon in France for three weeks with my new husband and love of my life. My handsome Tim and I had a fabulous time eating France’s foods, tasting her wines and exploring her sights. From the Eiffel Tower, to the Louvre to the quaint medieval villages and rocky shorelines high above the Mediterranean, we uncovered newfound gems every day.

Are you hearing a calling for something more?

What’s next? It’s on the minds of many these days! Kids heading off to college, parents experiencing empty nests for the first time. With the early signs of Fall, we’re reminded that 2013 isn’t far, and we naturally begin to ponder paths into the new year. Where will it take us? It’s often these kinds of thoughts that set new directions… a next life chapter. It’s the brave souls that ask these questions and find the way to move into their desires.

The Art of Balancing Life and Work

I often find myself in conversation with others about creating work:life balance. What does work:life balance mean to you? How do you juggle all that presents itself in the realm of your day-to-day living? Perhaps it is time that we start thinking about work:life balance in a different way. After all, it’s all life! How do you intertwine passions, responsibilities and personal joy? The answer to this is different for every person! And the balance equation changes as life progresses – never remaining static or the same at any time in our lives.