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Denise Soler Cox, Indie filmmaker and co-creator of Project Enye – 007

This is a really fun episode of Extraordinary Women Radio, where Denise Soler Cox, an indie filmmaker, national speaker, and…


The number one secret every woman in her 40s and 50s should know…

Our forties and fifties are a glorious time of our life! Let’s face it ladies, we’re wiser to life! We can choose not to play in the bullshit and decide who we want to play with. We’ve paid our dues. And while our bodies deliver all kinds of changing phenomena, I assure you, what is blossoming for you is truly remarkable!


Five Secrets to Live Into Your 20 Seconds of Courage!

Rarely does a week go by that I don’t tune into my own vulnerabilities. I cherish these moments – because I know that my own vulnerability and stepping into my courage is what makes my business thrive. No matter who you are, what you do or where you are in your life – you’ve got an opportunity today to step into your 20 seconds of courage.


What’s sprouting in your life this Spring?

Ah, Spring has arrived! It’s my favorite time of the year when the hyacinth and tulips begin to sprout from the barely warmed ground, in-between the snows and rains! I love the rebirth and possibilities that spring forth in my garden.

What is sprouting in your playground of your life this Spring? Are you listening to your heart and intuition? How are you saying “Yes to YOU?” On this Spring Equinox, take a few moments today to get out in nature for a walk to listen to your inner voice.


7 Warning Signs You Might Be Drunk on Your Title

I let the to-do’s define me. My what-I-did made up my self-worth. My title gave me life. When you’re in that spiraling crazy cycle of being drunk on title and professional strife, it’s hard to hear that deeper calling. The wild side of this, is that you probably can’t recognize that you’re in this state! Here are seven warning signs that you might be a little drunk on your title!