Chandy Ghosh

Chandy Ghosh, Visionary Tech Executive and Thought Leader – 008

Chandy Ghosh is a trail blazing executive woman in the world of tech, and her interview on Extraordinary Women Radio…

Denise Project ñ

Denise Soler Cox, Indie filmmaker and co-creator of Project Enye – 007

This is a really fun episode of Extraordinary Women Radio, where Denise Soler Cox, an indie filmmaker, national speaker, and…

Renelle Everett Darr

Renelle Everett Darr – A Thought Leader in Corporate Culture Transformation – 006

I’m so excited to share this episode of Extraordinary Women Radio featuring Renelle Everett Darr – an innovative and cutting-edge…

Barbara Bauer

Barbara Bauer, Women Investors Network Rockies Venture Club – 002

Barbara Bauer has traveled the world and has spent the last several years in Myanmar as the Executive Director, Myanmar, for Partnership for Change, a Norwegian impact investment and international development organization. While in Myanmar, Barbara worked closely with community, state and national Myanmar leaders to identify, plan and implement programs and development models to improve economic opportunities, focused especially for women. She now is heading up the Women Investor Network for the Rockies Venture Club, focused on bringing more women into venture capital and angel investing! We had a blast talking about why empowering women is so important today – the time is now!


I am Wise, I am Invincible, I am Woman!

It was just a matter of time before someone wrote those words (thanks, Helen Reddy, for giving women a purpose), but they are truer today than they were when she sang them. Women have come a long way since their liberation in the late 60s and early 70s, but they are going in a different direction now. What began as liberation has evolved into personal development, individual empowerment and collective soul.

Oregon Coast by Kami Guildner

Exploding into Your New Year

The dawning of each New Year brings dreams of new possibilities and hopes for what’s next in our lives. We call out to new visions… Yet, so often the New Year is accompanied by resolutions that quickly sputter into hollow declarations that get lost in the busy-ness of life. May we burst forth into 2015 – full of big energy, exploding into the world with nature’s rawness and beauty.

Live Large into Your Extraordinary Self in 2014

Make a commitment to your Self that there will be no playing small in 2014. For you have gifts to give unto the world – a difference to make. Who are the real people around you that you can uplift, heal with a smile or guide with wisdom? They are there, you only need glimpse beyond the edges of your own limiting beliefs. So as we embark upon the new year, I invite you to ignite the journey before you with intention.