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My Journey Back to Me

My Journey Back to Me

I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of the new empowering e-book: Spiritual Adventures with Horse – in which I am a contributing author.  Below, I share an excerpt from my chapter, that tells how horses guided me in my own personal journey back to myself.  I tell the story of special messages delivered from the horses and in signs of nature.  Messages that inspired me to blossom into a new world.  This is the story of how horses opened my mind and soul and gave my life purpose.  The following is an excerpt from my own chapter.  To read my whole chapter, I invite you to download this great book today!

An Excerpt from “My Journey Back to Me” – a Chapter in Spiritual Adventures with Horse by Kami Guildner

As the dream ended, I awoke abruptly – conscious of how seemingly real this dream had been. Still invigorated by the experience, I lay there reliving the journey I had just taken. At the start of this vision, I’d been in a restricted state of mind, with feelings of frustration and closed energy. I was feeling this lack-luster space and wondering where the passion had gone in my life.

Then with beauty and light, my beautiful grey Swedish Warmblood mare, Destiny Dancer – now with wings – flew gracefully into the scene, bringing with her trees and mountains; rocks and the colors of the outdoors. We were suddenly moved into a peaceful scene with rivers, butterflies, and birds. She approached me, with a gentle calm and knowing way about her – so self-assured. She seemed to almost smile, which warmed my heart, lifting my mood. As she nuzzled me, her warm breath gave life to my body and a new glow began to shine.

And then with the gentleness of a mother’s touch, Destiny wrapped her legs around me and with great ease, her powerful giant wings set sail and launched us into flight. It was a seemingly natural and effortless launch – so much so, that I did not even realize we were in flight until we were well above the land. As we glided here and there, I felt joy encompass my body, ignited by the beauty of all that was around us – the smells of the flowers, the humming of the bees, and the greatness of the eagles with whom we shared the sky. She carried me across the mountains, and out over the open plains – with grasses blowing softly in the breeze. Destiny was guiding me through nature and filling my soul. When I awoke, it was with a sense of awe and wonderment – a renewed passion glowing in my heart.

At the time, I didn’t quite know the meaning of this dream, but I knew that it was important. In my 20s and 30s, I often dreamed that I could fly – so easily and effortlessly – like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Dreams of flying hold special meaning – they symbolize a sense of freedom and personal growth with passion. Flying dreams can signify a time when everything is flowing smoothly and in control – aligned to destiny. They can also provide strength and motivation to take responsibility for something in our lives that is spiraling out of control. In my late 30s and early 40s, my flying dreams had virtually stopped.

I believe Destiny flew into my dreams that night – to shed light onto the fact that it was time to make a correction in my path and realign with my passions. The power of this great horse lifted me into flight that night, to remind me of that sense of wonderment and awe. It was just the start of understanding what horses could teach me. And it was clear that horses were going to show me the way.

I knew that I was a different person today, because I’d known horses from the time my daddy held me atop our horses’ back as a baby. Years of working, training and loving horses had taught me responsibility, passion, work ethic and confidence. With these horse-taught skills at my foundation, I had progressed through my career with ease, and was a vice president in a large multinational company. I had checked off all the things on my “Goals List” and was proud of what I had accomplished.

But now something was starting to shift inside. Something was asking, “Is this really it?” My dream underscored this question, although I set it aside for another day when I would be more willing to ‘hear’ the message that needed to be heard.


Want to hear where the horses lead me?  Order Spiritual Adventures with Horse today!

Filled with True Tales and Tools to uplift your own life journey, this e-book will take you on a thrilling ride with the heart and soul of horse.  You’ll love the heart-warming inspiration from my fellow contributing authors (all 16 of them!) who bear their souls to share their own unique lessons in life brought to them in the power and guiding wisdom of horses.  Whether you’re a horse owner or not, you won’t be able to put this book down!

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