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Are you hearing a calling for something more?

Are you hearing a calling for something more?

What’s next?  It’s on the minds of many these days!  Kids heading off to college, parents experiencing empty nests for the first time.  With the early signs of Fall, we’re reminded that 2013 isn’t far, and we naturally begin to ponder paths into the new year.  Where will it take us?  It’s often these kinds of thoughts that set new directions… a next life chapter.

It’s the brave souls that ask these questions and find the way to move into their desires.  Two years ago one of my clients, Brenda – asked these questions and found herself longing for a beach house in the East.  She bravely made it happen, and after following her heart to live for a year on the Cape, now knows there are new adventures before her – something big that is unfolding as I write this.

It’s because she is an explorer and knows to ask the questions.  Knows that she can create any vision she sets out for herself.

It was three Fall seasons ago, that Kathy started hearing a call for something different.  Her long-time career in the technology industry no longer invigorated her.  She’d lost her passion.  She listened.  She did her work to discover her purpose, and found herself drawn to the health industry.  Step-by-step she built her path to a field that touched her heart and moved her.

These are just a few of many stories that bring such great joy to the work I do.  And there’s no doubt that the energy of the Fall season brings change to the air.  In fact my own journey of change started in amongst Fall ponderings.  It was questions like these that led me to make my own transition several years ago – from executive to entrepreneur.

I’m so grateful that my own coach asked me the questions… led me down a path of self-exploration – for today I do work that brings great meaning to the lives of others.  I do the work that my heart is called to do.

So I’m on a mission – a mission to help busy professionals stop and reconnect to their inner wonder.  I’m on a mission to help these people launch their Next Chapter in Life – a chapter grounded in values, passions and dreams.  And so I set a goal to survey 101 successful women on what’s top-of-mind for them when they consider their next chapter in life.  What I learned is that they’re hearing that call for something more.

In fact, seven of every ten of these women indicated that they anticipate moving into their next chapter within the next 3 years!  My initial first-glance analysis of this statistic, had me crediting this statistic to the toll of tougher economic times – companies requiring more of its employees with less – reflecting the enough-is-enough mentality I had heard from women.

The more I’ve reflected on this, however, I am playing in the possibility that perhaps there is a natural cycle – a wisdom-centered time of life – that is pulling these women to explore their own meaning and purpose.

In envisioning their next chapter, these women described a slower pace of life, finding a meaningful way to make a difference, engaging their spirituality and living from the heart.  They wanted more passion, more inspiration, more energy, more connection.  Their lives will be full of health, family and friends – balanced with work they love.

Do these words resonate with you?  I invite you to engage your own Fall exploration into your next chapter.  For you have an option – you can sit back and let the change come in whatever way it comes – or you can take ownership and let your inner wisdom create your own change… the change you want.

  1. What are the most 5 positive things in your life?
  2. If you had a magic wand, what one thing would you change in your life?
  3. Take a moment and describe your perfect Next Chapter in Life.  How do you spend your days?  Who is around you?  What is different?  How do you feel?
  4. What are three things you could do today to manifest this Next Chapter dream?

As the 101 women walked through their own journey of these questions, they later shared their appreciation of the blossoming of new possibilities that unfolded.  Painting the picture, building on the foundation of what’s right in your life and taking steps today to make it happen creates movement.  There is power in this.

What has become apparent is that there are a whole lot of women ready to launch their next chapter.  When I envision the change that lies before us – the personal growth, the breakthroughs to new inspirations, the difference this group will make to our world – I’m excited to watch it all unfold!  Watch out world!

If this exercise has you wanting more, I invite you to sign up for one of my limited Complimentary Consultations at  Together, we can create the future you’re supposed to live.  One aligned to your purpose.  One aligned to inner wisdom. One that answers the calling you’ve been hearing!

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