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A Zen Journey to Your Heart with Horse!

A Zen Journey to Your Heart with Horse!

It’s a peaceful summer morning in the coolness of my barn.  The horses are quietly enjoying their morning breakfast.  It is here that I find my zen mind – my zen body – the place where all deep awareness is born and lives.

There’s a small single baby barn swallow in the rafters awaiting her momma’s return with her baby bird breakfast of worms and seeds.  As I sweep the corners of the stall where she was born, she bravely pokes her head above the nestline, driven by her growing courage and curiosity in who I am.  I whisper a quiet, “Good morning little one – I’ve been wondering when I would get to meet you.”

My heart beats in rhythm with the gifts of nature that surround me.  My mind is clear and my body open and in touch with the horses, the baby bird, the valley in which I live – and all of the world.  I feel  one with all that is.  I feel in tune to who I am at my very core.  And a sense of happiness feeds every nook of my body.  Perhaps this is why the baby swallow has taken such intent interest in me on this day.

The energy of horses provides such a grand gift.  They invite us to slow down to their pace of life and just be. Horses don’t have an agenda for the day, they are tuned into the moment, following their body’s callings… It’s time for a drink… What is that on the hillside? Savoring the water… Then back to their sweet hay a few feet away.

As humans, we rarely take these moments truly in the moment.  We’re multi-tasking, thinking about what’s next, tuning into the noise of technology, eating our meals with televisions blaring, not really listening to the conversations that surround us because we’re thinking about what we want to say.  Noise and more noise surround us day in and day out.

And when we live in this noise, we turn off the wisdom our own hearts can deliver.  We miss the messages that are there for us to uncover and we move through life in a numbed cycle of to-do’s.  It’s how we get caught into a groove of day-to-day rhythms without real meaning or purpose.

Isn’t it time to gift yourself space to tune in – space to heal – space to dream of what can be?  Are you ready to tune out the noise of your busy life and tune into the messages of your heart?

If your answer is YES, then I invite you to attend the upcoming Syzygy Equine Vision Journey, Inspiring Your Next Chapter in Life Retreat on July 20-21.  This 2-day retreat will set free the songs of your heart that desire to be sung.  Guided by the Syzygy herd, you will play in nature and open your awareness to the world around you and what role you are destined to play in your walk of life.

Through reflective storytelling and deep personal exploration, you will tap into your inner joy and passions, opening inspiration to new possibilities.  You will connect to your strengths, values and all that delivers meaning to your life to define the essence of you, and take time to envision a future aligned to your very core.

In nature, and with the Syzygy herd, engage your intuition and deeply listen to your inner voice, finding trust in the messages that are there. You’ll reconnect to the very spirit of who are, and dance confidently onto the path you’re supposed to live.

Syzygy clients always tell it best, and here’s what a few people have shared about this life-changing retreat.

“My mind and soul were liberated and I was able to open up to new possibilities in the future.”

“This experience will be a touch point of strength for my life.  Through this exploration I have identified a solid set of healing forces that I can come back to when I need them – such as the smells of pine, sage and horses – centering my mind – and remembering all of the good I have achieved in my career and life.”

“This weekend certainly shook me to the core.  I still feel the courage the horses gave to me burning in my soul.  I am like a fearless warrior right now.”

“I was stunned by this experience.  It brought out more in me than dozens of other coaching sessions I have had.  The difference in this program is that you emphasize participants listen to their hearts.  This may seem superficial at first blush but it makes all the difference in getting to the core of the person and understanding what journey they are truly meant to undertake.”

So join us on July 20-21 and hear what your heart has to say! Space is limited, so sign up online today.

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