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A Walk into the Serenity of Fall to Ignite Your Life’s Potential

A Walk into the Serenity of Fall to Ignite Your Life’s Potential

School buses, cooler mornings, the bugle of an elk, glimpses of yellow leaves painted amongst the trees – all signs of Fall approaching at a time when I want summer to last a wee-bit longer!  I’m not certain where time flies, especially when it comes to beautiful Colorado summer days that I love so dearly.  But as these warm summer days lead to the serenity of Fall, I find myself eager to embark into another one of my favorite seasons.

How quickly we move through the rhythms of life day-by-day and season-by-season!  So often I hear longings for time to slow down, and in the same breathe I hear, “as soon as it does, I’ll take time for…”

What was that “thing” you were you wanting to do a year ago?  Have you picked up the reins of life with a gentle intention to make it happen?  Are you sharing your most brilliant gifts in their full potential, or are you hiding them amongst the busy-ness of your life?  Are there fields you want to play in – mountains you want to climb?

Igniting your life into action – a life with deeper meaning – can start simply by asking yourself a few questions.  Change starts the moment you ask the question, and the beauty of what can unfold can be forever life-altering!

Fall provides the perfect backdrop to explore your questions – to explore your full potential!  Find a trail, take a quiet leisurely walk noticing the colors of Fall – how the grasses change and the smells shift.  What birds and animals show up and how does the cycle of Fall alter their environment?  For it is in nature that you can best hear your inner voice.  It is here that your callings waiting to be heard can be heard!

Take along a journal, and when the time and place feels right, drop into the golden grasses of Fall with a log as a backrest.  Then write!  Ponder in the possibilities that move you.

  1. Tune into your heart.  What possibilities in your life want to be explored?  What do you want more of in your life?
  2. If you could make anything happen in your life, what would it be?  Describe this in great detail – paint the scene, describe how you feel living that life, and the gifts that others receive in the midst of this life.

Let the words flow from you and from your heart.  If you’re thinking too hard with the left-brain side of you, you’ll put limits and blocks onto your possibilities.  No idea is too grand, so feel into it, live into it and play in that new potential that unfolds.  It will ignite something within!

Then, I invite you to share the visions that unfolded in the comment section below.  Putting your dreams into writing and sharing it with others – is a beautiful way to set the wheels into motion.

And, if you want to really step your dreams into action, sign up for one of my complimentary coaching consultations.  Together, we’ll refine what you want to manifest and what steps you can take to bring this into reality.

I love these 45-minute phone consultations – they are a way for me to make a difference and gift my own gifts!  We’ll put some engine behind what’s unfolded for you.  We’ll set the action into movement, so when Fall 2014 rolls around, you can look back and remind yourself, “It all started with that nature hike last Fall!”  You’ll forever remember that day – I promise!

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