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A Vision of a Glowing Happy Heart

A Vision of a Glowing Happy Heart

Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to honeymoon in France for three weeks with my new husband and love of my life. My handsome Tim and I had a fabulous time eating France’s foods, tasting her wines and exploring her sights. From the Eiffel Tower, to the Louvre to the quaint medieval villages and rocky shorelines high above the Mediterranean, we uncovered newfound gems every day.

As we the neared the bittersweet final days of our trip, we felt blessed, relaxed and very happy – and yet, there was an underlying longing to return to our beautiful Evergreen home – to bestow hugs upon our beloved dogs and take in the warm breath of our sentient horses.  I was a bit more surprised to notice my heart skipping with passion and enthusiasm at the thought of jumping back into my work.

As that first Monday morning came, I jumped out of bed bursting with energy ready for my 7 am coaching client that would shortly show up at my door step.  I was eager to hear her stories from the last three weeks, to explore their meaning and mostly to see what this meant in the landscape of her own personal journey.

And so it was with each new reconnection that day.  I marveled at my own elated enthusiasm – yet was honored that my clients were as excited as I about my return, and just as eager to share the twists and turns of their stories and all that had unfolded.

At the end of that first week, my body was alive and full of love for the work that I do. Every interaction fed my soul.

As I relished in this moment, I recalled the last time I had gotten to take a three week vacation. It had been five years ago – a trip to Italy with a girlfriend. We ate Italian foods, drank Italian wines and saw all the gifts of Italy’s countryside.

In reflection of that wonderful Italian trip, I recalled with knowingness that my enthusiasm to launch back into my work world had been very different. Syzygy had not been born at that time, and I was in the trenches of my prior executive life.

Five years ago, I approached that first Monday back with silent resistance. The first day was fraught full of issues and challenges that drained the beautiful vacation energy that had flowed through my veins. By the end of that first day, I was exhausted, depleted and my vacation seemed eons ago.

What was different?  I closed my eyes and pondered.  A vision of my glowing happy heart painted across the canvas of my mind – I felt it in my body. I love what I do. It moves me. I relish in the people, the relationships, and the difference that I make in the lives of others. This is why I jump out of bed each morning, ready to meet the day.  Bottomline… I am in love with the work I do. Even beyond this – I believe this is my purpose.

So it’s in the spirit of this story that I ask you – How do you get out of bed each day to face your day? Are you bringing your full potential to your time on earth?  Are you feeding the souls of others in some way – and just importantly are you feeding your own soul?  Can your mind’s eye paint the vision of your own glowing happy heart gifting its beautiful energy unto the world?

Powerful questions to ponder upon.  And if you’re not moved in some way by these ponderings, perhaps it’s time to open of your playground of possibilities. Come explore with me. Uncover what moves you…  what inspires you.

Together, we can create the future you’re supposed to live.  One aligned to your purpose.  One aligned to inner wisdom. One that sets your soul on fire! Sign up for a free complimentary consultation today!

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