2020 Extraordinary Women Ignite Referral Partner Program

2020 Extraordinary Women Ignite Referral Partner Program


Thank you for your generous support in preparation for the 2020 Extraordinary Women Ignite Virtual Conference! We have an amazing lineup of speakers and inspiration lined up! It is a business event like no other!

Extraordinary Women IGNITE is the catalyst for professional women and entrepreneurs looking to create a soulful transformation in their businesses and lives, to #RaiseUP their impact.

You won’t find superficial tactics or empty rah-rah motivation here.

At IGNITE, we dive deep to build your wild success: grounded in your inner wisdom, lit by your inner fire and fueled by an inner circle of women on the same path–for effects that last long after the conference ends.

In addition to the Referral Partner bonus for each person who signs up for Ignite, if the referral opts into the Soul+Strategy Mastermind by the close of the event on November 7, 2020, you will be paid an additional Referral Partner bonus of $250.


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